Coaster lets you order and pay for drinks from your phone. With just a few taps, you can order a drink. The bartender makes your drinks & sends you a notification letting you know your drinks are ready. Show the bartender your order ID and voila, you have your drink. Payment is completed through your Coaster profile and tipping is included. Invite your friends and earn some Coaster credits! What! What!

Get off my turf!

What do you do when a competitor pops up your backyard? It doesn’t matter that you were there first, had the idea first, and already started building a business - but it gets personal when they start trashing your brand, poaching your customers, and spreading lies.

The knee-jerk reaction would be to play right into the game: call out the fallacies, tell everyone why you are better, and then point out their weaknesses. Seems pretty typical this time of the year anyway.  

But what does that really accomplish? You end up spending less time building something great, while at the same time signaling concern to your customers…which may prompt them to explore your competitor a bit further.

So what are we going to do? Smile politely and go back to work. Why explain why we are better when we can just show it…and then build upon it? This next month is all about execution, so you’ll excuse me if I end this blog post here and get back to business.

October is gonna be big

Seriously. Coaster is getting ready to emerge from the shadows and step into the spotlight. We know we’re ready, but we’ll be wearing our Coaster shades to protect from the glare anyway.  

What’s so special about this month? Well, we just finished shooting our product video which will be released in less than two weeks, are going to be doing our first real press (and maybe even a TV spot!), are hosting 5+ events, are doing more marketing than ever before and may even launch in a few new bars.  (Read: may=will)

So, that’s super exciting. It’s also super busy. Good thing we hired a PR guy to help us out.  And he’s been a total boss. The video? Well we hired a production team.  Sales and events? Alfred the Butler is running around the city like a madman.  Marketing?  We have a whole team of Haas MBAs twerkin on it.

So it’s a good thing we surround ourselves with some brilliant hustlers to help make the magic happen.  Are you ready for what’s about to come? Well you should be, because we sure as hell are. 

What’s a blog?

Holy crap we’re terrible at blogging. Our last post says we “almost ready”? What a joke. We’re as ready as we could be. We have a baller team with DJ Kuki, KCal and Alfred the Butler. We’re live in 12 of the slickest and sickest bars in SF. We’ve been uber-quiet about our presence thus far, but that’s all about to change.

Team Coaster spent 12 hours yesterday on the set of our upcoming product video. What better way to spend a Monday than with a few JRae models, friends, drinks and a blue puppet? Yes, you read that correctly. You’ll see more once we release the video, so look for a lot of good things in the month of October. Until then, stay thirsty my friends.

Coaster is here… almost

Who are we kidding… We still have some things to accomplish before we launch, but don’t you worry, our developers are working night and day (really, look at the time of this post!) trying to get Coaster launched.  And when we do, you’ll have a better way to bar.

To keep yourself updated with what we’re up to, visit and join our email list.  We promise not to spam you and will keep your information private.  And when we launch, you’ll be the first to know!

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